The story behind Shiftdaddy


Shiftdaddy is probably a terrible name but here is the story behind it anyway. So I went to the dealership with my wife to buy a new 2017 Ford Mustang GT with the California package. It was time for the test drive. I got in the driver's seat, sales guy riding shotgun and my wife in the back seat.

Now the last time I drove a stick shift was 6 years ago when I owned a 1995 Toyota Corolla. I felt overwhelmed! I knew I needed refreshing my memory and skill before I attempted to drive this new car off the dealership lot. It could go horribly wrong! My wife, not yet grasping my fear blurted out "shift, daddy! What are you waiting for?". In that moment, I knew it would have been nice if I had practiced in a stick shift before coming to the dealership.

I had the sales guy drive during the test drive (I know, horrible). But I loved the car so much I bought it anyway. I struggled to get it off the lot but managed. I drove around a neighborhood until I got a hang of the clutch. Safe to say I burned some clutch!

Maybe the story is not as terrible as I said it would be. But the idea for this site was born that day. Shiftdaddy wants to make it easy for you to find a stick shift owner near you to help you learn how to shift safely. Learning to drive a manual is very easy. With an instructor and a manual vehicle, you'll be on your way in no time!

Shiftdaddy's home is currently Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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