Discover the thrill of driving a manual transmission today. You could be good in as little as 2-3 hours.

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How It Works

Most driving schools do not teach how to drive a stick shift. You're likely to learn how to drive a stick if a family member or friend owns a manual transmission vehicle. With Shiftdaddy, you can connect with approved instructors to train you safely in a few hours.



 You have to be a licensed driver to use Shiftdaddy. This means your driving license must be current. Shiftdaddy instructors do not teach the basics of driving and following traffic regulations. You will only be instructed on techniques and practice how to drive a manual vehicle.


Use instructor's vehicle

 Shiftdaddy instructors provide the manual transmission vehicle for your lessons. No need to worry about access to a stick shift vehicle. Just show up, take your lessons and enjoy the experience. If you prefer to practice on a stick shift vehicle you own, we can happily accommodate you.